The Renaissance Erhu by Tian Yin Music

The Renaissance Erhu brand is made by Tian Yin Music. The Renaissance Erhu (patent-pending) is the only brand that is allowed to be used on stage by Shen Yun Performing Arts during their performances. 
The Renaissance Erhu is called a “Copper Erhu” because it uses a copper sheet as the vibrating belly. The sound it emits is similar to the traditional Chinese erhu, but with more advantages.  The Renaissance Erhu’s sound is more expressive with a feeling of cheerfulness without the feeling of mournfulness which is carried in many traditional erhu sounds. It is more adaptive and less sensitive to the changes in weather conditions and thus has a more stable sound quality.
The Renaissance Erhu has an intrinsic device to adjust the sound and tone quality of the Erhu, and it is easy to use.
Please note that the restricting string (capo) and the bridge of the Renaissance Erhu both can affect the sound quality of the instrument, and we recommend not to use the damper on the copper belly as it will reduce the volume and brightness of the sound.
 The Renaissance Erhu comes with a one-year limited warranty.