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Dörfler Bows - Masterpieces from Germany

Tian Yin Music is very pleased to carry Master Bows by Dörfler, a celebrated bow maker in Germany since 1940.

The Dörfler Master Bow is a hand-made masterpiece. Its exquisite materials guarantee a long life span. Pernambuco wood is used predominantly, the only wood of which the flexibility and tension consistently fulfills the high quality standards of Dörfler Master Bow production. This wood is a prerequisite for mastering the art of producing the best give, bend, and tension for each bow at the ideal weight.

Harmony not only delights the ear but also the eye. To ensure that Dörfler Bows continue to inspire, with their extraordinary tone quality and exceptional aesthetics, the number of bows designed has been optimized.

In addition to the Gold Master Violin Bow from our Master Bows Collection, the following are some of the Dörfler Master Violin Bows at Tian Yin Music:


Master Bow "*Egidium Dorfler***" 26 Violin $3,599.00 New bow generation: Ligne Boheme

Master Bow "Egidius Dörfler" 200 Violin       $3,899.00 - $4399.00

Master Bows "W. E. Dörfler" 20 Violin          $669.99

Master Bows "W. E. Dörfler" 20a Violin        $689.99

Master Bows "W. E. Dörfler" 21 Violin          $759.99

Master Bows "W. E. Dörfler" 21a Violin        $779.99

Master Bows "W. E. Dörfler" 22 Violin          $919.99

Master Bows "W. E. Dörfler" 22a Violin        $989.99

Master Bow "Egidius Dorfler" 23 Violin         $1,299.99

Master Bow "Egidius Dorfler" 24 Violin         $1,499.99

Master Bow "Egidius Dorfler" 25 Violin         $1,799.99

The bow hair of Dörfler Master Bows consists exclusively of natural white horse hair from selected steppe horses of Inner Asia-- hair that neither waves nor decomposes. The elaborate mountings of mother of pearl and precious metals on the pore-free ebony frog are valuable refinements, which lend Dorfler Master Bows their appearance and long lifetime.

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