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One Drag-and-Drop to watermark a folder of image files

York Dong, Tian Yin Music, Inc.


Create a Photoshop droplet to add watermark to a folder of images. Photoshop will finish the job before you finish a cup of tea.


Step 1: Create a Watermark image file with the numbers like this:

Watermark Blog 1 New


Step 2: Design the watermark. (The copyright symbol (©) can be inserted in Windows by holding Alt and typing "0169" on the numeric keypad, and in Mac OS X by pressing Option+G) 

Watermark Blog 2 My Watermark

Step 3: Edit the watermark. With the watermark layer as the active layer, go to the menu Layer>Layer Style>Bevel and Emboss…, using the layer style like this: (Remember to drag the “Fill Opacity” slide all the way to 0%. ) 

Watermark Blog 3 Layer Style

Step 4: Delete the background layer. And now the image looks like this:

Watermark Blog 4 Psd

Step 5: Save the image as a .PSD file and then close the file.

Step 6: Open an image file to be watermarked. E.g.:

Watermark Blog 5 StoreFront

Step 7: Create an “Action” of applying the watermark to the opened image with the following steps:

Step 7.1: Open the Action Palette by clicking Windows->Actions.

 Watermark Blog 6 Action

Step 7.2: Create a new Action Set by clicking on the little folder icon at the bottom of the Actions Palette, type a name and click OK.

Watermark Blog 7 Action Set

Step 7.3: Create a new Action by clicking on the little “Create new action” icon on the right side of the folder icon, type a name and click Record.

Watermark Blog 8 Action New

Step 7.4: Place the watermark file in the opened image by clicking File>Place…. When the dialog box appears, choose the watermark image file that was created earlier, and click Place. The watermark is on top of the opened image with an X mark.

 Watermark Blog 9 Place

Step 7.5: Press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac) to finish the placement. Now the watermark is added to the image as shown below.

Save the file with a new file name with “Save as…” . 

Watermark Blog 10 WM Added

Step 7.6: Stop the recording of the action by clicking the Stop icon to the left of the red recording indicator icon at the bottom of the Actions Palette.


This finished Step 7: Create an “Action” of applying the watermark to the opened image.

With the created Action selected, the action can now be used to add the watermark to an opened image by clicking the Play icon (the triangle one to the right of the circular recording icon) at the bottom of the Actions Palette.


Step 8: Create a Droplet to add the watermark on all the image files in a folder.

Step 8.1: Click: File>Automate>Create Droplet… In the dialog windows “Create Droplet”, set your options for the following:

Save Droplet In: You may set Desktop as the folder to place the droplet that will be created.

Play: Select the action folder and action that were just created in Step 7 and leave the four checkboxes unchecked.

Destination: Choose a folder for the watermarked images. This may be different from the folder that contains the original images, so that the watermarked images can be saved with the same file names as its original ones.

Compatibility: Check both the Windows and Mac OS so that the created filenames are compatible on both platforms.

The Dialog window may looks like this:

Watermark Blog 11 DropletDialog

Step 8.2: Click OK to create the droplet. It may be on the desktop like this: Watermark Blog 12 DropletIcon


Step 9: Drag the folder that contains the images to be watermarked and drop it over the droplet icon. All the image files in the folder will be watermarked and put into the destination folder specified in the droplet.

You can of course also drag and drop a single image file over the droplet icon to watermark the image.


The method explained in this article works perfect for square images. For images with a different aspect ratio, a watermark file maybe created to that ratio to achieve the designed effect.