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Edgar E. Russ Cello, Cremona 2015 - Fat Mara, Triennale



Manufacturer: Edgar E. Russ

Manufacturer's Item#: Cremona 2015 - "Fat Mara” Triennale Cello

Please allow us 4 weeks to fine tune your perfect cello

This master cello was finished in 2015 in Cremona, Italy, and it is named "Fat Mara" Triennale by its maker Edgar E. Russ.


From our personal exchanges with Mr. Russ, he has conveyed to Tian Yin Music that he considers this cello his new masterpiece.


"I think it is the best cello I have ever made. 


My “Fat Mara” sounds great. I love it. It is easy to play since it responds quick. Its sound is a high quality sound with lots of character.


The maple I get is from Dalibor from Bosnia. The Bosnian one is very hard, very compact and once the instruments are finished, you hear the difference in sound quality.


The top spruce is from Val di Femme, the same area where the great old masters got their wood from.


The result is this Fat Mara which is from origin a Stradivari Mara made larger and shorter, similar as a Montagnana, in order to obtain a big deep and nice rolling bass, as well as a straight clean and focused A string.”


This instrument is eligible for a $1500 Rebate if purchased before December 31, 2015.