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Dorfler Master Cello Bow - Ligne Bohème



Manufacturer: Dorfler GmbH

Manufacturer's Item#: "Ligne Boheme" #26

Only 1 in stock

Dorfler GmbH introduced a new bow generation - Ligne Boheme. The new line of bows is oriented by the style of old French masters. The bowheads are more delicate and stylish. The French frogs, the naturally colored sticks and the conical button appear as if they were actually from another epoch.


With the new line of bows not just the nostalgics and friends of old arts get their money’s worth. The combination of modern expert knowledge results in a product of an entirely exceptional class. Here beautiful design and best tonal quality are united to a fine specimen.


The Ligne Boheme #26 cello bow features:

- First class permanbuco stick

- Round or octagon (only 1 round in stock)

- Sartory head

- Mammoth tip

- Selected Sartory ebony frog with Parisian eye

- Three-part button with gold fish inlay