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Pirastro Double Bass String. Evah Pirazzi E2 Solo, Synthetic/Chrome Stee, 449200, 3/4, Mittel.



Manufacturer: Pirastro

Manufacturer's Item#: 449200

Available and in stock.


Evah Pirazzi strings have a core made from a modern synthetic multifilament fibre which is wound with chrome steel. The all-round string set: suitable arco and pizz alike. The sound is big, powerful, dark and well-rounded. emphasized lower frequencies and outstanding resonant decay exceptional projection high torsional stiffness short playing-in-time very quick response and comfortable left-hand feeling completely insensitive to changes in temperature and humidity Gauge ÒweichÓ: Compared to the medium orchestra set the sound of the ÒweichÓ strings is brighter and growlier with a little more sustain. The set has a pronounced core sound. Due to the reduced string tension the playability is easier than with the standard set.